Company Profile

HUID (means Skin in Dutch), a skincare brand for men, is ‘all things SKIN’. Men’s grooming is an industry focused on grooming chauvinism, be it the products or ingredients that sound masculine or the brands’ communication that represents men in a typical cliched persona. Thus, we went back to basics to provide meticulous, quality skincare for men and to relieve all this unnecessary tension. 

The inspiration for HUID sparked at dinner table discussions when Dr. Chaitanya Shukla, a renowned Dermatologist and father-in-law of Nitya Shukla (Co-founder) expressed his distress about contemporary skincare products that are ineffective, unreal, lack scientific credibility and are all about marketing and masculine jingoism, especially in the men’s grooming or beard products. With his help and proper scientific research, we created HUID with the most effective, dermatologically approved ingredients and formulas sourced nationally and internationally, all under Dr. Shukla’s supervision. Nitya also had help from her husband, Namik Shukla and brother Sawan Vyas, who are experts in vital departments of the business, Manufacturing and Product Development and Marketing and later took leadership roles alongside Nitya.

HUID is an honest attempt that is keen on providing quality skincare with real solutions and relieving the stress and pressure that these stereotypical notions and augmented standards of masculinity add to the Men. HUID is your skincare buddy! And we will never tell you to be ‘Macho’, ‘Stud’, ‘Rocky’ or ‘Don’ to feel like a Man/Mard because we want you to KEEP IT REAL, and with HUID’s effective product range and your self-love, we’ll make your natural skin glow, soothed and revitalized. HUID – the answer to your all skincare needs. 

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